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Notary Public in Edinburgh


Full Notary, Apostille and Legalisation service in Edinburgh and the Lothians, including Dalkeith, Newtongrange, Bonnyrigg, Penicuik, Gorebridge, Musselburgh, Tranent and all areas between.

If you are looking for a Notary Public in Edinburgh then please get in touch. You may also be looking for an Apostille in Edinburgh, which can also be provided. 

Our Services

Notary Public Edinburgh

This is the process of notarising documents, often for use overseas. 

Typical documents which require notarising are passports (and other identity documents), property sale and purchase papers, child travel consents, fingerprint sets, company documents, marriage affidavits and court papers.



Apostille in Edinburgh

As an FCDO registered Notary Public, we are able to obtain an Apostille or Legalisation stamp on documents. Check the costs page for more details. An urgent Apostille service is available.

An Apostille is a stamp, also called legalisation, is issued under the Hague Convention, which is sometimes required when sending documents abroad. In order to get an Apostille, the document needs to be Notarised or issued by another public official, such as a Registrar.

If you are interested in learning more about Apostilles and their history, read our article "History of Apostilles".


Fingerprint impressions taken with ink and can be applied to a document supplied to you by the requesting body or department; or we can supply a standard document if you have not been provided with one.

£150 PER SET

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a registered official, internationally recognised to attest, certify and authenticate documents.


We are registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, meaning that any documents also requiring an Apostille (or legalisation) can be so dealt with here in Scotland. For more urgent Apostille services, as a registered service, we can obtain these in 1-2 days.  


Most clients are from the Edinburgh and surrounding areas, but we are able to assist with those further away via video appointment. 

We hold Professional Liability cover of £1m. 

Are you able to come to me?

Yes. We regularly visit clients at their offices or homes, particularly those who are not mobile. There is an additional charge for this service. Otherwise, we can meet you in Edinburgh (when working in the office) or in Dalkeith.

How quick can I get an Apostille in Edinburgh? How do I know if I need an Apostille?

If you are looking for an Apostille in Edinburgh, then the fastest service (which would have it in Edinburgh) is 2 days if the document is with us before 3pm. If you are unsure whether you need an Apostille, speak with the person or organisation who has requested the documents. For example, speak to your wedding planner if you are getting married abroad and have been asked to provide a certificate of no impediment (a CONI).

How are you different to the online Apostille companies?

The online companies deal with a large number of Apostille applications which are sent to the FCDO in Milton Keynes. Edinburgh Notary Public operate differently, as we have a colleague who will physically attend at the FCDO and get the Apostille in-person.

Do you Provide Legal Services?
This is carried out by Shand & Co Solicitors.

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Meetings: 93 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3ES (by appointment only)

   Telephone: 0131 2100172 or


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