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Notary and Apostille Costs


£70 for the first document

£10 each additional document

Apostille/ Legalisation

Urgent (1-2 days) £210

Standard (Next Week) £150

Budget (3-5 weeks) £110


£150 per set

DECLARATIONS, POWERS OF ATTORNEy, PROPERTY AGREEMENTs, affidavits and other lengthy documents

£100 for the first document

 £15 for additional related documents

Most documents require notarisation before an Apostille can be issued. The exception to this is for documents issued by a registrar, such as a birth/death/marriage certificate. While these do not require notarisation, you should check with the requesting authority whether they require notarisation, as some countries require this. 

Where an Apostille is being issued, there will be a courier fee of £8.50.

If a document is being sent abroad, we only use DHL (unless it is going to the USA, in which case we can use Fedex). The cost of this is around £61 for a 1-3 day worldwide service. 

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