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Apostille Service in Edinburgh

A document can be Apostilled or "legalised" under the Hague Convention.  It provides the mechanism by which a document issued in one country and be certified for use in another.

The process is quite simple with remote appointments available. 

Once the document has been checked (or notarised in some cases) here in Edinburgh, it will then be sent using our secure system to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to be formally legalised. 

The Apostille can be completed and returned back to Edinburgh (or your address):

  • 3-4 weeks (Apostilles take longer in summer months, sometimes beyond 4 weeks)

  • By end of following week (if documents are received by the previous Friday)

  • 1-2 days (Urgent Apostille Service)

Apostille - A Simple Explanation

Many people ask what, in simple terms, an Apostille is. It is an inter-government check of the validity of a document or that the person authorising the document is permitted to do so. In a nutshell, the Notary verifies the document and the FCO, using the Hague Apostille, is certifying that the Notary is allowed to do so. That is why notarised documents will only receive an Apostille if it has been done by a Notary Public who is registered with the FCO. 

How does your Apostille service differ to those online companies?

Unlike many of the online companies, we will physically attend at the FCO with your document and see it receive the Apostille. If there are any issues, it can be dealt with much easier with someone there in person. Secondly, as professionally regulated Scottish notaries, we do both the notarising and the Apostille.

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