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If you have googled how to change your name, you have most probably found websites selling "Deed Polls". While this is a common way of changing a name in England and Wales, it is preferred in Scotland to do this by means of a Statutory Declaration of name change. 

This is an official document, executed under the Statutory Declarations Act 1835. 

If you would like to change your name, begin by completing the form below. 

Step 1: Complete the form below

Step 2: We will draft your statutory declaration

Step 3: We will arrange an appointment with you, either in person, or at our offices in Edinburgh. At this meeting you will swear an oath with the Notary Public and sign the declaration. You are then provided your notarised and sealed declaration. At this point, your name has legally changed.

Step 4: You can use the declaration to change your documents to your new name (such as driving licence, passport, bank account etc.)

Change your name in Scotland
Application Form - £100

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